Image of game for anythingYOU’RE a young lad out on the prowl. You meet a girl, have a few too many drinks together and then come up with the naughty idea of sneaking off to a nearby park for a bit of hanky panky. What’s the harm?

Well if it’s 10.15am in the morning and there’s a kids’ football game being played a few yards away, then you’re probably going to attract a bit of attention.

“They did a few sexual acts and ended up having sex. It must have been about 10.15am, there were kids out on the pitch here and they all saw it,” said Amanda Napier, whose son was playing for Bridport under-nines.

The police were called and a man aged 23, and woman, 20, both from Weymouth, were released without charge due to insufficient evidence… which we can only assume means he didn’t ‘unleash a screamer’ into her ‘goamouth’ as it were.