image of gag on themPOOR old Imogen Thomas. First she gets shagged by a mystery Premier League player. Then she gets gagged and shafted by a judge.Yowzer!

It’s no secret that the busty Big Brother babe was having an affair with a famous married footballer, but due to a super-injunction from powercrazed fun police chief Justice Eady no-one’s allowed to name who he is – not even us!

And worse for poor old Imogen, she’s been labeled a ‘blackmailer’ and ‘less than trustworthy’ by Eady – but legally can’t fight her corner because of the super-injunction. Oh the paradoxical hilarity!

“It just gets worse for me,” sobbed the Welsh hotty. “I’m not a blackmailer. Even the judge says that he has no evidence of this and it could be misleading.”

We’re not sure what would happen if we did actually say who the ‘mystery’ footballer was but we’re not going to risk it. On a completely unrelated matter, here’s a photo of Ryan Giggs being wanked off by Imogen.