It shouldn’t really be a surprise for a footballer to turn to religion after his career has ended.
After all, history is littered with players who have looked to the heavens in a bid to understand their role in His great plan.
Admittedly all those players were managed by Tony Pulis, and were only looking up to keep an eye on any long balls coming their way, but for some the tug of a higher power is more than just Peter Crouch pulling someone’s shirt at a corner.

And so it’s proved for former Manchester United youth product Philip Mulryne, who has just been ordained a Roman Catholic priest in the Dominican Order.
The gullible 39-year-old, who once earned £600,000-a-year during his playing days with Norwich City, has now also taken a vow of poverty after being ordained in Dublin. He made his debut for United in 1997 under Sir Alex Ferguson, so he should be used to dealing with a bitter, wrathful old man who thinks he’s god.