peekabo-baboonAS we all know from the PG Tips adverts, not only are chimps good at moving pianos and running illegal speakeasy bars from the 50s, they’re also quite picky when it comes to the type of tea they drink.
So we weren’t too surprised that the simian penchant for a refined pallet stretches to baboons, who are currently terrorising farmers in South Africa because of they’re love for chardonnay.
Farms in the Franschhoek Valley had been emptied by rampaging Chachma baboons, who sneak into secured plots and help themselves with top grade grapes.
“They can easily wipe out up to two tonnes of grapes a week when you are not watching, and that makes about 1,500 to 2,000 bottles of wine,” said Mark Dendy-Young, farm manager of La Petite Ferme.