for-richer-of-poorerFor Richer or Poorer

We will now present to you, some cold hard evidence that Reality television shows are bad for civilians, as they do not know how to handle the fame, and the money and ultimately piss it away within seconds, and make a mockery of themselves. Ok, we are referring to Jedward, so of course we knew that they would never last, nor be respected, nor make any vast fortune, but whoever let them get their hands on their cash should be shot. The terrible twosome recently went on a two day shopping spree online, bidding on weird memorabilia items, and spent a total of £20,000, so celebities old clobber from adverts and whatnot. Commenting on their purchases, one of them (we don’t know which one, they’re the same person), “We’ve got a signed, limited-edition Michael Jackson doll and a signed bedsheet of his also signed by Macaulay Culkin. We also bought some outfits from Batman, like The Riddler’s, and some clown thing.” Please dissect the sentence above and discuss what isn’t ok about it.