REMEMBER Flavor Flav? Is this guy still even famous?


His latest pathetic attempt at fame has landed him in a battle with the Clinton School District in Iowa. And no, he didn’t fuck a student.


Having never graduated from high school (shocking), the 51-year-old ridiculously large clock wearing rapper wants to have another crack at it. The reality show will have the very inventive title, Flavor Flav Goes Back to High School. It’s all very Billy Madison.


Flav said he is willing to pay students after class to film the show and encourage them to stay in school. Who smells a lawsuit? But the staff and students aren’t convinced. We assume they were expecting someone actually famous.


If it does go ahead we’re hoping it’s a lot like his last reality show Flavor of Love only with all the potential dates in school girl outfits. Hopefully none of his seven children are attending Clinton High during filming. Although it’s a high school. For people who got through the first six years. So probably not.


Class dismissed.