PURPLE-NOSED whinge bag Alex Ferguson has come out and said what all Englishmen already know deep down but don’t want to here said by a miserable hypocritical Scot – namely that England won’t win the world cup.

Asked about who he fancied to win the competition, Ferguson said: ‘I can’t see past Brazil, actually. They are going to be the ones in South Africa. They are going to be hard to beat. You just have to think of the players they can bring in – they are a supplier of great players.”

Laughably for a man who hasn’t brought through a decent crop of youngsters since the Giggs, Scholes, Beckham era, and whose current crop of English players were bought from other clubs Ferguson blames his lack of faith in England on the shortage of English players in the Premier League and, more importantly, performing in the Champions League.

He said: ‘Last season, there were 103 Brazilians in the Champions League and only 15 Englishmen. More Scots played in the Champions League last season than English

‘The small number of English players in the Champions League is down to the way the Premier League has developed.
‘The eternal question is at what point the Premier League is going to have to feature more English players.’