Father and Son Turn 11 on Leap YearA father from Bristol will celebrate his 11th birthday today, but hours after his son turns 11 as well. James Clarke, who is actually 44, will be celebrating his 11th ever birthday, having been born on a leap year in 1968.

His son, Seamus, turned 11 yesterday on February 28th.  Mr Clarke, who has missed out on 33 birthdays, admitted that being born in a leap year does have its benefits. He said: “I’m used to missing out on my real birthday, but being born in a leap year did have its benefits when I was at school, You know what children are like – especially boys. We were always giving each other birthday bumps or beats.

“But I usually got away with it because on February 28 I’d tell them ‘it’s my birthday tomorrow’ and then on March 1 I’d say ‘my birthday was yesterday.’”

A leap day occurs as a result of the accumulation of six additional hours every year over a period of four years as the earth orbits the sun.

Leap year babies can either celebrate their birthday on February 28 or March 1, while it is also seen as an opportunity for women to go against tradition and propose to their partners.

“Seamus finds it hilarious that he will turn 11 before me,” revealed car salesman James.

“He’s been telling all of his friends at school and they have a good laugh – it’s a real big deal for him.”

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