Fuck off RobbieRobbie Williams potty mouth came into full swing on the new Take That ‘Progress’ tour, by telling the audience that his first word was ‘Fuck’, what on earth would Supernanny say?

The star has been criticised for his foul mouth and rude gestures throughout the tour, especially during his ego-boosting 5-song solo set he performs. Williams stated that he was “raised in a pub for the first three years” of his life. Still no excuse, where’s the naughty step when you need one?

During the group’s latest gig at Wembley Stadium, sold out to 85,000 people, the Robster stated “One of my first words was fuck and one of my first sentences was, ‘Give me a fucking Harvey Wallbanger please, I didn’t get one” and nor should he until he can ask for things politely like any good boy. The singer further apologised yet followed up his sorry by declaring to the crowd: “there’s a number you can call to complain. It is 0800 – go fuck yourself”.

Very impolite, all we simply wish to say to Williams, is how about you go fuck YOURself.