English Defence League vs Muslims bring more chaos to London’s streets for 9/11As a ceremony was held to commemorate the loss of 67 Britons on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, English Defence League supporters exchanged insults with members of radical Islamic groups including Muslims Against Crusades.
The group of about 100 men shouted ‘USA terrorists’ but gangs of EDL members, many swigging beer and wearing football tops, chanted ‘USA!’ and ‘scum!’ at the Islamists.

Police flagged the streets around Grosvenor Square to prevent clashes as mourners came to lay flowers and light candles outside the US Embassy in London. The 60-strong EDL mob scuffled with police as they were forced away from their original location to a different part of the square, to accommodate Islamist protesters.

Around 20 EDL supporters were detained by police and two from each side of the ignorant bum-hole convention were arrested.

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