Cheryl-Cole-John-TerryAHA! We knew it! BBM said last week that having no English clubs in the Champions League semi-finals would help our World Cup campaign.
Well now one of world football’s greatest analytical brains has come out and said exactly the same thing.
Yes John Terry, currently on bail for the attempted murder of James Milner last week, has lent his brilliant footballing mind to the debate. A week after everyone else.
“England meet up in Austria on May 17 and the Champions League final is five days later,” he said, occasionally wiping drool from his bubbling lips.
“Had one of our teams got to the final the squad would have had some very notable absentees for what is a big phase of our preparation. Now we will all be together and can get some good solid grounding in as a whole. I’m sure from that perspective Mr Capello is happy.”