hot-chick-kelly-brook-1• It’s quite well known that cheeky
chavvy Danny Dyer has a massive
problem with keeping his opinions
to himself. It came as no surprise,
then, when he decided to completely
slag off Kelly Brooke who he is set to
work with on new horror film Hotel Caledonia, in which he plays a serial
Not mincing his words, Dyer commented, “She can’t act so I’m certainly not looking forward to working with her. She doesn’t do it for me and she never has done.” Continuing on his tirade, “She’s okay looking, she’s all right. But I wouldn’t call her that fucking fit. She honestly does nothing for me.”
Oh and one more thing, “And I definitely wouldn’t want to do a play with her. That’s the last thing you’ll see me do. I’d rather do a play with Shane Richie.”
We bet his publicist loves having him as a client.