Dragons Den Duncan Bannatyne Blackmail Scandal Twitter

Dragon Den’s Star Duncan Bannatyne has offered £50,000 to anyone who can offer information on the pathetic twit who has been blackmailing him and his daughter Hollie via Twitter with threatening tweets. The blackmailer who goes under the name of ‘@YuriVasilyev wrote to the health club tycoon saying, ‘Dear @DuncanBannatyne @HollieNicole85 last chance to contact us [email protected]’ and ‘@DuncanBannatyne @HollieNicole85 give us £35,000′. He earlier sinisterly tweeted,
‘I’m looking for a £35,000 investment to stop us hurting your Hollie Bannatyne. We will bring hurt and pain into your life. We are watching her. She is very attractive. Want photos?’
Attempting the hardman act Bannatyne replied to the cyber-thug with, ‘ I offer £25,000 reward for the capture of the coward who calls himself @YuriVasilyev_Double if his arms are broken first’ after tweeting, @YuriVasilyev_ My people are getting closer to you every minute, run and hide you little coward in Moscow.’

Christ, we thought Twitter was meant to be a micro-blogging site – granted the copy is interesting and original, but has anyone explained to this Yuri chap the conventions of blogging, also this isn’t the kind of pitch the dragons would usually pip for, so we’re gathering they won’t invest. BBM are now off to find this arsehole and break his arms, as we sure could do with that kind of cash!