Duff Beer Available in the UK

It’s finally happened. The one and only Duff beer has transformed from an animated picture into a real life, genuine, drinkable alcoholic beer complete with its own slogan, ‘Can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff’.

The beer makes a regular appearance on The Simpsons as Homers favourite (well, only) drink. This 4.7% beer is available online and is already very popular due to its iconic status around the world. The cans and bottles resemble the exact ones seen on screen making it the ultimate novelty drink and a sure fire conversation starter.

However, despite the jokey and iconic exterior, brewers are keen to promote the drink inside commenting that the beer has a ‘crisp, light refreshing taste’, making it a fun but also tasty beverage to enjoy.

But now the question arises, will there ever be a real life ‘Duff Man’ to promote the real life Duff beer?

by Hannah Biggs

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