Photo of McDonalds womanWHEN the cops tried to stop BBM on the highway last week we did the right thing and pulled over, jerked off the cop and went on home.

Roberta Spen, 64, decided on another strategy when police tried to pull her over for driving with faulty brake lights. In the most American decision of all time she ignored the sirens and pulled into a McDonald’s drive-thru.

The police then got out of their car and spoke to Spen (pictured), who refused to cooperate. Instead she proceeded to order and pay for her food before driving off again.

After a low-speed pursuit she then made another genius move and stopped at a Mobil Gas Station.

“Enough is enough”, said the nice policeman as they smashed her window, dragged her out and took her off to jail.

“There’s no pickle on this cheeseburger!” she screamed.