david cameron convicted rioters to be stripped of state benefits

You can tell we’re living in a torie era when they start thinking it’s a good idea to strip convicted rioters of their benefits, as surely the best thing to do right now is make them even more angry and give them even more reason to steal.
The call, posted by Stephen Mains, said people should not have to ‘contribute to those who have destroyed property, stolen from their community and shown a disregard for the country that provides for them’.
It is by far the most popular petition filed on the government website, with four times as much support as Conservative MP Robert Halfon’s bid to cut petrol prices.
Ministers were exploring whether legislation going through parliament could be used to help courts ‘confiscate things from people when they commit crimes’, said David Cameron, who welcomed the popularity of the petition site.
‘One of the points of the new e-petitions website is to make sure if it reaches a certain level of signatures it will be debated in this House whether we like it or not,’ he added.

We of course agree that these pathetic excuses for human beings should be punished no end for the chaos and harm they have wreaked on UK society, however we’re sure Chinese Water Torture, or making them listen to Cliff Richard’s new album, or watching the Go Compare advert on repeat would lull them into submission so they never think about rioting again. Failing that we call for digging a big pit and throwing all the bastards in it, and popping a lid on it. Ok so that’s probably not legal, but we’re sure there is a better way to ensure we don’t have more riots as we’re most certain that cutting benefits will lead to more riots amongst the great uneducated of Britain. Watching news reports from Manchester alone was enough to realise that there are sadly a lot of thick people who think rioting is the way forward.

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