Christmas Decorations and Snowball Fights to be BannedThe Government has published a list of “elf and safety myths” as some ministers go ahead with plans to abolish a number of regulations.

Christmas office decorations, playground snowball fights and coins in puddings are amongst the festive traditions which come under this “health and safety” act, as well as pantomime performers throwing sweets into the audience.

These potential “hazards” have been trashed by Work and Pensions Minister, Chris Grayling said: “We’ve always been clear that health and safety laws exist to provide important safeguards against people being seriously injured or made unwell at work and should not hamper everyday activities.”

He added: “health and safety killjoys try to bring the spirit of Scrooge to Christmas events.”

Even carol singers have been labelled as a “risk.” Yeah they might be annoying, but a risk?! It’s health and safety gone mad.

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