irish ape escape

Cheeky Monkeys

There was no full body tattoos or Morgan Freeman voiceover, but there definitely was a prison break at Dublin Zoo on Tuesday when 200 visitors were forced behind lock and key after an ape and its baby escaped.

Clearly craving a pint of Guinness, the ape swung off its island enclosure and onto the main complex. Just like a hungry Irishman, these apes can travel up to 1.6km a day in search of a good feed, however she was caught unharmed after 30 minutes of fun.

This isn’t the first time an animal has gone on the prowl inside of the zoo, back in 2008 an orang-utan decided to escape from her enclosure for a wander after over two decades in captivity.

Some animal lovers speculated that these cheeky monkeys were after a bit of lovin’ as ape couples enjoy singing to each other, with each pair developing a unique song to communicate. I think we have just stumbled upon Ireland’s entry into Eurovision 2011!