Chaka Khan slams party

Chaka Khan believes it was “insane” to hold a party the same night Whitney Houston died.
The ‘Ain’t Nobody’ singer – who was a close personal friend of Whitney – does not understand what would “motivate” someone to go to Clive Davis pre-Grammy party which took place at the Beverly Hilton hotel, where her body was still laying on Saturday night (11.02.12).
Speaking on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’, she said: “I thought that was complete insanity. And knowing Whitney, I don’t believe that she would have said, the show must go on. She was the kind of woman that was, ‘Stop everything, uh-huh.’ I’m not going to be there. You know.
“I don’t know what could motivate a person to have a party in a building where the person whose life he had influenced so enormously and whose life had been affected by hers, they were like – I don’t understand how that party went on.”
Chaka – whose real name is Yvette Marie Stevens – reveals she was supposed to attend the party but found herself unable to get ready to go.
She added: “I couldn’t get dressed. I was supposed to go to the party. I just got off a plane from Miami at 5:30. As soon as I hit the tarmac, I found out, I heard. And I couldn’t put on makeup, I couldn’t get dressed, I couldn’t do anything.”
Chaka has been in touch with Whitney’s mother Cissy and adds she is “coping” with her daughter’s death.
She said: “She’s coping, she’s coping. But she, many times, had fear for her daughter’s life. And I know my mother did and my little girl did. And my son. So I know what this world that we’re living in, this business, particularly, can do to one.”

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