Casper-is-out-thereCasper is out there

Who said ghosts were scary. Casper can now be proud. A report has found that across Britain helpful ghosts and friendly fairies are helping us out. The report states that ‘angelic paranormal activity in the UK found that in the past 25 years there have been a staggering 755 official reports to police and councils in the UK’. This ranges from healing entities to visions of angels and animal spirits.

One particular incident was when a fairy known to locals in Lancashire as Shrewfoot appeared at the side of a road to warn a hitchhiker about a convoy of trucks speeding through the village. The most documented is the Manor House in Cold Ashton, Gloucestershire. A friendly butler answers the door and sends people in the right direction even though the place has been derelict for decades.

Ghost stories can no longer be scary if they are here to help, guess we will just have to find a new way to get scared and hide behind the couch.