The cheeky chairman of a Tunisian top-flight club has been banned from football for life after cuddling up to a linesman and pinching his arse during a game.
Ass-grabber Moncef Khemakhem of CS Sfaxien twice pinched the linesman’s sweet cheeks before kissing him on the cheek (to be clear, the other kind of cheek) and biting his left ear. He should be thankful he wasn’t in Dream Girls in Kings Cross where that sort of behaviour gets a lot worse punishment. BBM still has swelling and bruises around the groin.
The Tunisian Football Federation suspended Khemakhem “from any activity in football” and accused him of verbally abusing match officials, “dangerous and unsporting behaviour”, “indecent assault” and “harm to good morals”.
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Snookered By Games Addiction

In probably the lamest but most relatable example of addiction holding someone back from reaching their full potential, Aussie snooker star Neil Robertson reckons his obsession with FIFA, World of Warcraft and League of Legends stopped him from reaching even greater heights in the sport.
“The years I had the 100 centuries, I should probably have had around 120 because I got addicted like hell to Fifa 14,” said Robertson. “In the past, I’ve been staying up and playing it. Then all of a sudden, it is 6am, the birds are tweeting and I’m thinking: ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to get up in a couple of hours.”
He should be thankful he didn’t play Football Manager – it’s like mainlining crack straight into your eyes.
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