Yvonne the cow loose in Germany

Germans are often seen as a boring bunch, but not if their livestock is anything to go by. Yvonne the cow has gone on the run from her Bavarian farm, and animal activists are trying to find her before she gets shot.
The six-year-old dairy cow was living happily, coming out at night to feed, until she was put on a wanted list by the authorities who have deemed her a risk after she bolted in front of a police car.
Activists from the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary brought in another cow called Waltraud, Yvonne’s ‘best friend,’ in an attempt to lure her back. Despite this, bringing in Yvonne’s own calf, the use of an infrared camera and a 10,000 euro reward being put u by the Bild newspaper, the brave bovine is still at large. Gut Aiderbichl worker Johann Wintersteller called her ‘’very clever”.
Ernst the bull has now been brought in and placed beside a luxury pen in the hope of tempting Yvonne out of hiding. Let’s hope she likes looking at bullocks.
Yvonne has become a star on German TV, and is being touted for Dairylea adverts in the UK as well as a big-name cameo on the new series of Big Brother.

By Jonathan Anderson