All BBM wants when we go on holiday – other than easy access to the red light district – is the chance to relax in beautiful surroundings with a good book.
And for the amazingly cheap price of £28 you can get just that, with an Airbnb deal for a room in the Scottish lowlands in a quaint village surrounded by streams. The owners will even provide the book for you – although there is a catch. You will then have to sell that book and several others to anyone passing by.
Guests who book the room in Wigtown are required to run the bookshop downstairs during their stay.
 “I wouldn’t call it a working holiday. It’s a particular kind of holiday [for people] who don’t feel that running a bookshop is work,” said Adrian Turner, director of the Wigtown book festival.
Sounds fair enough – but considering Fifty Shades Darker has just hit cinemas you might want a “no returns” policy for any well-thumbed, slightly damp books written by E.L. James.