bigtroubleinlittlechinaIn a sleepy village full of sleepy, mild mannered people in southwest China, there is trouble brewing – big trouble. People are running scared from outdoor toilets, kitchens and empty streets. What’s chasing them you ask? A deadly illegal cobra gang. Although, this isn’t the type of gang that first springs to mind (or our mind anyway) – it’s actually a group of 160 deadly snakes, which have escaped from an illegal breeding lab. It may not rock the world for being the most riveting or shocking news story, but we couldn’t help but be drawn in by the fact that it sounds so much like a terrible but awesome 80s kung fu movie. Perhaps it’s just from a childhood watching far too many films, but we do hope Chuck Norris arrives soon to sort that damn cobra gang out. At the time of writing most of the 160 cobras have been caught or killed and the local health authorities have sent in plenty of antivenom, so you can feel slightly less guilty about turning these villagers plight into a made for TV movie in your head.