One hit-wonder singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has sprouted out bullshit this week in the form of claiming that she gave birth to the iPod. Yeah, right.

The ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ has-been, spoke on how “reliable Apple sources” that her debut number 1 single ‘Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)” was used to test the mp3’s capability. Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, the singer stated: “The iPod wouldn’t have existed without me (lies!). It’s quite cool imagining Steve Jobs listening to it and thinking ‘This white box will work- it sounds great'”. I’m sure he was thinking the exact opposite like we did everytime we heard that track over the summer it was released. Poor old Steve was probably trying to test to see if he could make the song bearable.

“No one’s ever recognised my contribution to it in any way over at Apple”, a bit like your recent music career darling. The singer further added, “In fact it’s only ever cost me money, because the whole house if full of Apple gear as a resulty”. Well if you’re that uptight about it, we advise that Ms Bextor goes and gets a job at Apple, it’s not like her music career is setting the charts alight.