Batman Fights Crime In BrazilForget the comic book character, Taubate in Brazil have their own, real life Batman. 50-year-old retired police officer, Andre Luiz Pinheiro dresses up in a batman costume and takes to the streets of Brazil in order to educate children on the perils of a criminal life.

Making presentations to dozens of excited children, the real life, comic book hero lectures children on the dangers of drug trafficking, which is the main cause of much of the city’s crime. Mr Pinheiro warns children about wrongdoing in an area which has one of the highest crime rates in Sao Paulo state.

Although he does not actually fight the ‘bad guys’ on the street, he believes that he is fighting criminality at the root of its cause. By talking to children and teaching them to make the right decisions in their future, Pinheiro feels he will make some difference to the crime rate in the Sao Paulo state.

“I will not actually battle crime. But I do think I am fighting crime in a preventive way, by helping these children to avoid becoming criminals. This is my job, this is my battle,” Pinheiro said.

One of those who decided to bring in the superhero to help in the fight against drug traffickers, was local police captain Warley Takeo who believes that the measure would bring long-term benefits to the country.

He claimed that is the children made a connection between the police and the idol Batman, they would view the police in a heroic light rather than one of repression. This would decrease of the chance of crime and rebellion against the law.

“Police act in favour of good and the state works in favour of good through the police, and since Batman is also a character who works in favour of good, we decided to join efforts to prevent children from becoming criminals,” he said.

The unusual, but quite clever move is reportedly part of a wider effort to reinstate a good and powerful image of the law enforcers in a city that is known for it’s extremely high crime rate.

By Hannah Biggs


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