THE harrowing court case of a woman who tried to a sue a friend when she was hit in the eye by a flying sausage has been dropped because (brace yourself for this) it’s too silly. BBM was shocked as well.

Ashly Brearey, 22, from Harlow was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm after the amusingly-surnamed Candice Whybrow, 24, was hit in the face by the pork projectile during a food fight at his house party.

“I have concerns on four points: public interest; the prospect of conviction; the dignity of the court and the prosecution process,” said judge Anthony Goldstaub QC.

And just to make the case even more ridiculous there was some Cluedo-style confusion over the choice of edible weapon used in the attack, as a chicken drumstick was also found lying next to the victim after the incident. If we were in the police’s shoes we’d bring in Bernard Matthews for questioning.

Adding that the case had the potential to generate a great deal of laughter from the public, Judge Goldstaub quipped: “The case is stale, if not the sausage.”

Whybrow, you’ve been punk’d judiciary-style dawg!