B for BoobsKATY Perry isn’t happy kissing girls, taming Russell Brand and dominating the world. Now she’s stealing Elmo – and parents aren’t happy.

In what could possibly be our favourite new song here at BBM, our favourite furry creature (well, second favourite) has teamed up with Perry to sing a parody of Hot N Cold for Sesame Street – a video that has hit 300,000 views on YouTube.

However, in a story filed under ‘inappropriate censorship’, the song might not make the show because of Katy’s.. well, assets.

Yes, that’s right, parents think that children who have probably been breastfed since birth would find a popstar’s cleavage offensive.

Producers have allegedly decided not to air the song on New Years Eve as planned – because we all know that if there’s one night where children won’t be exposed to cleavage and singalongs, it’d be New Years Eve.

Stupid parents.