222925_0076-ncWOMANISING, alcoholism, substance abuse, mental illness. Just a few words that spring to mind when asked to describe Robbie Williams. Yet somehow the straw that broke the camel’s back for Ayda Field has been the World Cup.

Ayda has walked out on Robbie because he is obsessed with football.

“Robbie’s wife-to-be decided she could not take any more after three days of football” says a source. So she has packed up and high-tailed it back to her Mum’s house while he has invited his gang of football mates over to his mansion to watch the rest of the matches in his home cinema.

In our opinion Ayda better harden the fuck up if their marriage is to have any glimmer of hope. It seems as though football comes first for Robbie, so she may want to at least fake an interest and stop being such a princess or god knows what she is going to do when 2014 comes around.