INSTEAD of being punished for that god-awful Love and Other Drugs, it seems somebody was distracted by Anne Hathaway’s boobs on the big screen and awarded her a new role as a role.


Christopher Nolan, we’re looking at you.


The director has cast Anne (pictured) in the role of Catwoman for the upcoming Batman threequel. Don’t worry, we had that look on our face when we read the news too.


Add this to the remarkably awful title, The Dark Knight Rises, that we swear was stolen from a porn parody and BBM isn’t impressed with the progress made on the batflick.


In more promising news, Tom Hardy will be playing Bane instead of the rumoured Dr. Hugo Strange. Bane was last seen in the godawful Batman and Robin but is known in comic book lore as the man who broke Batman’s back.


We thought Catwoman would’ve got there first.