Animals Mourn North Korea’s ‘Dear Leader,’ Kim Jong-IlNot only could North Korea’s recently deceased ‘dear leader’ Kim Jong-Il control the weather, but it seems he also had an influence over the country’s animals…

According to North Korean state media, a flock of Magpies were seen communicating Kim Jong-Il’s death to a statue of his father, Kim Il-Sung:

“At around 17:30 on December 19, 2011, hundreds of magpies appeared from nowhere and hovered over a statue of President Kim Il Sung on Changdok School campus in Mangyongdae District, clattering as if they were telling him the sad news,” state news agency KCNA reported on Monday.

And it’s not just the birds that are a little flustered by the news of Kim Jong Il’s death. Last week KCNA reported that a family of bears, usually in hibernation throughout Korea’s harsh winter, were seen lamenting the leader’s demise:

“The bears, believed to be a mother and cubs, were staying on the road, crying woefully,” it said. It is not yet clear whether the reports are in any way related to the BBC’s screening of The Chronicles of Narnia over the Christmas period.

North Korean officials have already started making up shameless bullshit about the country’s new leader, Kim Jong-Un. Apparently Kim Jong-Il’s 27-year-old son is the “genius of all geniuses” in military matters despite having absolutely no military experience whatsoever.

Honestly, next they’ll be claiming their leader can sort out a failing economy, which as we all know, is far less likely than talking birds, or flying pigs for that matter.

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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