Photo of Slutty GrandmaWHEN BBM is in our fifties we hope we’ve have matured enough to make sensible decisions that reflect our age.

No wait! We’d rather have a dominatrix suck us off while we stab her in the face with botox. Sounds more like it.

Dr Tony Walker, 53, has found himself in a bit of a pickle after he did just that.

According to Walker his client, 51-year-old grandmother and dominatrix “Mistress J”, turned up for her appointment dressed “like a prostitute.” So naturally he let her suck him off.

Next time she arrived looking “tartish.” So he returned the favour. Fair’s fair.

He then found out she was dabbling in a little amateur porn by filming it all from a camera in her handbag and attempting to blackmail him for £20,000.

Now the poor bugger’s medical license is in jeopardy.

It’s just like mum always told us. No good can come from fucking a grandma wearing leather.