An Example Song REALLY Influences This Bank RobberAn inventive bank robbery in Brazil went horribly wrong, when the stereotyped lookout, who does nothing but look, had too much of an itchy trigger-finger and shot himself in the foot after a robbery in Parana, Brazil. This guy clearly doesn’t know much about robbing a bank does he? I think he needs a lesson in how to turn the safety on when they are getting rich quick.

The robbers were all wearing hats and sunglasses, but that didn’t stop their intimidation rocketing right down to zero as the clumsy robber, who was trying to look cool with two guns in his hands, shot himself with the left hand gun. The robber is then seen leaving with his accomplices limping behind them after their robbery of 30,000 Brazilian Reals (£11,000).

The funniest part which epitomises this robber is now, as the cool and calm lookout decided to check into a hospital right nearby the bank he robbed, and was arrested the next day in the hospital. There were reportedly 5 other assailants with our favourite clumsy robber, but only one other suspect was arrested so at least he wasn’t the only dumb one. Rule one of robbery: don’t shoot yourself, rule two: if you do shoot yourself, do it in the head then you won’t look so stupid! I think he must have been playing Russian roulette with his toes; I think he won that round!

Watch the clip of the clumsy lookout below


By Jason Barr