Princess Diana
A Valentine’s Day card sent by the late Princess Diana is up for sale.
The hand-written pink notelet is addressed ‘To George’ and is believed to have been one of many the princess – who was married to Britain’s Prince Charles – sent to favoured servants in 1989.
The card is up for sale for £7,995 and is part of a package of memorabilia sold by the family of valet George Smith, who died in 2004.
Memorabilia UK owner Mark Riddle, who bought George’s cards and notes from his widow Yvonne, said: “Not many people can ever have been handed a Valentine’s card by a princess, let alone one of the most iconic. It shows her sense of fun and girlishness.
“The family of George contacted me after his death saying they wanted to sell his collection of Diana artefacts. I was amazed when I saw it.
“It is believed to have been part of a few sent by Diana to cheer up loveless employees, but one, however, cannot imagine she gave out too many of these.”
The pink card comes from a 1989 Andrew Brownsword collection and is called ‘Lady Di by Dino…’ and features a teddy bear jumping among pink hearts.
It has the message ‘Hey Valentine! Not Many Men Receive a Valentine’s Card From Princess Diana’ printed on the outside and inside it concluded ‘And You’re One of Them’, and the Princess has written ‘to George, from Diana!’.
Two similar cards have previously been auctioned. One was sold by former royal servant Sergeant Ronald Lewis for £2,000 while one sent to former royal chef Mervyn Wycherley fetched £1,200.
Meanwhile, two handwritten notes from Diana to her stepmother Countess Raine Spencer have been withdrawn from sale following objections from the countess.

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