A Six Nations Win to Start AfreshThe Six Nations is fast approaching. Well, it’s regularly approaching. Basically, it starts next month and it’s safe to say that more than one team will be looking to have a successful tournament. (That’s quality insight right there.)

Obviously England will be hoping to do well – with the aim of victory helping to scrub away some of the shitty stink left over from those leaked World Cup reports, and to aid with the rebuilding of the RFU’s reputation from its current state of calamitous fuckwits running a carnival, to its traditional state of dusty old farts presiding over a respectable game. With Rob Andrew no longer responsible for team affairs, and Mike Tindall a doubt for selection, the RFU will be hoping that a satisfying Six Nations tournament will usher in a new era free of greed, incompetence, and dwarf-throwing. Well good luck with that lads, we’ll see how it goes. And good luck to the players too – we sincerely hope you’re able to make as much money as you can. Tossers.

Oh yeah, there are other teams too; don’t think we’ve forgotten about them because we got distracted by the memories of the England team being interesting for once. We could be in for a decently competitive tournament here thanks to the lack of a clear front-runner and the strength of the squads involved (ah Italy you try so hard). France has to be considered a favourite as they’re likely to repeat their World Cup feats and inevitably grind their way through games; and the challenge of Ireland will depend on whether there’s a rush of retirements or the retention of their squad with the average age of 67. Also, Scotland and Wales….

Sorry, dozed off there.

By Peter Simpson and Roger Gadsby

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