davedahlA Killer Story
WHEN you name your bread range Dave’s Killer Bread, BBM expects an origin story that’s worthy of being featured inside these prestigious pages. Luckily, Dave Dahl has delivered.

Dave just so happened to launch his bread range after fifteen years in jail. He says it’s the yeast he can do to give back to the community.

Going against the grain of your usual post-jail experience, Dave sliced through the competition with breads made from organic ingredients, with no preservatives.

These days, his company employs around 200 people and you could say that he’s on a roll, with lines such as Killer Sin Dawg cinnamon rolls, Robust Raisin and Peace Bomb Mini Baguettes.

Dahl says that it takes a lot more than just ‘Quit doing drugs’ for an ex-con to ditch the habit and make some honest dough.