Who knew getting your wisdom teeth out could be so funny. Or, actually convince you that you’re another person, let alone Kylie Jenner!
This is what happened to poor Emma.
Her lovely mum was there for her though, filming her post-surgery, mortifying freak out. Who doesn’t want a humiliating video on You-Tube for all the world to see? We’re still grateful to Emma’s mum for posting this. Lets’ hope Emma forgives her, one day.
Watching Emma’s struggle to understand what the heck is going on is kind of sad…but also hysterical.
If you’re ever set to get your wisdom teeth removed, make sure your parents are no-where in sight to record the stupid things you may say, and always remember, you’re sadly not Kylie Jenner.
Here’s the video for your own pleasure!

By Suanne Cunningham