Apparently 15% of all internet traffic is connected to cats, so with that in mind is it any surprise that there are many animals who have become more famous on Instagram than most humans? These animals don’t only have hundreds and thousands of likes and followers, they also all have merchandise and one is even releasing an album!
Here are five of those Insta-famous animals that you need to follow – and now! Just a word of warning though – they are so cute you might find yourself searching through the puppies and kittens for sale from Freeads to start the journey to your own Internet famous pet.

1. @tunameltsmyheart – 1.7 million followers

Tuna the chiweenie has become so famous on Instagram that he is now being interviewed on This Morning and the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. According to Nick Grimshaw, as he introduced him to the show, he has more followers on the social networking site than Jennifer Hudson, Olly Murs and Holly Willoughby.
The reason for these interviews isn’t just because of his massive following, it is because, after already releasing a calendar, he is now about to embark on a book tour for his first book ‘Tuna Melts My Heart: The Underdog with the Overbite.’

2. @realgrumpycat – 1.2 million followers

Grumpy Cat has become famous for being the grumpiest cat in the world thanks to his grumpy facial expressions. The cat from Arizona first became a worldwide meme in 2012 after a picture of him was shared on Reddit. Since then he has made several television appearances, starred in a film and even has his face across merchandise including t-shirts, mugs and books.

3. @itsdougthepug – 1.4 million followers

Doug the Pug or the ‘King of Pop Culture’ is one of, if not the, most followed pug on Instagram. His photos show him in some incredible outfits and on epic adventures – but even more impressive are his videos that include ‘The Fresh Pug of Bel-air’, ‘Harry Pugger’ and an appearance in Drake’s Hotline Bling Video.

4. @marniethedog – 1.7 million followers

Marnie’s life was to completely change when she wasn’t only adopted at the age of 10 but also became an online celebrity at the same time! The Shih Tzu from NYC has become recognisable for her lopsided face, bulging eyes and stuck-out tongue. As well as her 1.7 million followers on Instagram she also has her face on mugs, calendars and books!

5. @iamlilbub – 1.1 million followers

With just over 1 million followers, it’s clear to see people love this cat with her odd facial features and cute little tongue. Lil Bub may have shot to fame online, but much like human internet celebrities, she has now moved into merchandise – including t-shirts, blankets, socks, pillows and mugs. Not only that, she is also delving into the world of music, releasing an album called ‘Science & Magic: A Soundtrack to the Universe’ which will feature a collection of songs created by Lil Bub and her ‘bubbysitter’ Matt Tobey.
Told you – you’re already typing ‘kittens and puppies’ into Google, aren’t you? But before you do, remember animals are for life not just to photograph for Instagram!