TEACHEROUS FIFA top dog Sepp Blatter has revealed that the Irish FA requested that the World Cup be expanded to “turty-tree” teams next year after Thierry ‘Wing Attack’ Henry picked up the ball, span 360 degrees in the air and slamdunked it onto William Gallas’ head for the crucial winner in France’s meaningless World Cup Qualification friendly with Ireland last month.henryweb_thumb

“Naturally they were unhappy with what happened and asked very humbly whether they could be team number 33,” said a sniggering Blatter while rubbing his hands together evilly.

“I will bring it to the attention of the executive committee but if we do that, we will also have to bring in Costa Rica.”

For show’s sake, he then added: “On one match it is decided if you are in or out and this is not the spirit behind this World Cup.

“We must have a look at this. There is so much at stake,” before donning a beret, stripy top and tricolour top and yelling ‘Vive La France!’

Of course the Irish face another problem if they want to be team 33. It’s called mathematics. Eight into 33 doesn’t go people.