30 Grand Child
BBM would like to express our disgust at the efforts of an enterprising grandmother who decided to sell her grandson on a beach in Flordia last week. We all know the internet is the only way to legitimately sell a child.

It wasn’t like 45-year-old Patty Bigbee (pictured) was simply pissed at her whining grandson for not getting out of the water, and made an idle threat, she actually met with a potential buyer (spoiler: undercover cop) with her boyfriend to discuss the purchase.

You can’t say she’s a monster or a cruel woman though, she was kind enough to lower her asking price from $75,000 to $30,000.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. ‘Where was this poor child’s mother when this was happening, and what does she have to say about this?’

Well, BBM attempted to get a comment from her but she’s current in jail on unrelated charges.

That’s right, the grandmother was the best possible option to look after the kid, believe it or not.