26 Toed Cat Saves Rescue ShelterA polydactic cat has come to the rescue of an animal shelter in need of a new home.

Daniel the cat, who has 26 toes, was rescued by a member of Milwaukee Animal Centre when she went to save another cat, and he poked her in the head. She saw this as a sign that Daniel needed to be rescued and brought him back to the centre with her.

When the Animal Centre found out their rent was to double, they began seeking donations to raise money for a new shelter. Supporters have been donating $26 dollars each – $1 for each of Daniel’s toes – and the Centre have managed to raise $80 000 since 24th October.

Daniel’s extra toes, which leave him just two short of the Guiness Record holder, don’t affect his cat abilities. His rescuer said that, despite an extra two toes on each paw, “He runs and he plays and he climbs, he uses a scratching post. He seems to be not bothered by it at all.”

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