Working holiday jobs in Australia

There are shortages in the hospitality industry in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

these shortages provide lucrative work for 417 working holidaymakers and those employed for more skilled work within the hospitality industry, like chefs and hotel managers.

Hospitality Industry

There is a skills shortage within the hospitality industry for skilled staff as well as for more general workers. There is a reluctance for Australian businesses to look to offshore foreign labour, largely because of the red tape surrounding the 457 temporary work visa. There is also a risk that after paying a large amount of money to begin the overseas recruitment process, the applicant may not want to stay in Australia or may move on and find another sponsor.

417 visa

The 417 visa holders are a ready and waiting labour force with all the proper paperwork so they can start immediately; Australia has a reciprocal working holiday agreement with several countries. Functional holiday visa holders can work up to six months, provided they work for three months in the agriculture sector, extended to two years. This labour is ideal for seasonal shortages in the hospitality industry.

Regional resort workers

Many hotels and resorts outside the main cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide do not have the local population to provide the extra temporary labour required in the busy seasons; Kangaroo Island, the coast in South Australia, Phillip Island near Melbourne and Tasmania are good examples where tourism is seasonal and so, therefore, are the varying labour need in the hospitality industry. In the Australian winter, Thredbo’s winter sports hospital industry is totally dependent on a seasonal workforce, offering hospitality work experience to remember all your life.

Knowledge of foreign languages is helpful

The variety of language skills is perfect for the growing tourist industry in Australia and can make Australia a much more welcoming place when you have staff with multiple language skills.

Knowledge of different cultures essential

It is also helpful to have staff in the hotels and restaurants who appreciate the different cultural aspects of the modern tourist; for example, tourists from South East Asia, Japan and China are used to a high quality of service and may become repeat tourists if they find the environment welcoming and respectful of their culture and social needs.



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United Kingdom

Working holiday visa holders have many skills

Working holidaymakers have a variety of skills; many are graduates, health workers such as nurses, or they may be qualified tradesmen, who may be Carpenters, electricians and plumbers with post-qualification experience, jobs such as kitchen hands, Beauticians, hairdressers, security, waiters, bar staff, handy man, hotel cleaning and service staff are perfect for these applicants whilst they decide if Australia may become home.

You name it Backpackers will have the skill

If there is a requirement for more specific skills, like chefs, junior chefs and management staff, then you will find them in the ranks of the working holidaymakers. The great thing about hiring the 417 working holiday visa holders is that if they prove efficient and valuable, the employer can sponsor these employees and place them on 457 temporary work visas; this allows the personnel to work up to 4 years in Australia.

Use specialist recruitment companies

It is worth the effort to look abroad, which may be necessary when finding senior chefs and hotel managers. It might be better to use an experienced recruitment company. Specialist recruiters have experience in recruiting in foreign countries and can reduce the risk of recruiting from abroad; you may want to contact them and get more information about the right strategy to follow when looking to work in the hospitality industry in Australia, no matter whether you are overseas or in Australia.

TSS Recruitment provides international recruitment services to candidates and employers.

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Skills Register

Apart from the desperate need for general hospitality staff, the Australian government maintains a skills register, which is constantly updated, and jobs are added and removed depending on the labour supply required at a given time.

Here is a list of some jobs on the skills register relating to the hospitality industry;

if your skills fall into these categories, it may be an idea to call a specialist hospitality recruitment agency to explore your way forward.

  • Restaurant managers
  • Hotel and motel managers
  • Licenced club managers
  • Bed and Breakfast operators
  • Accommodation and hospitality managers
  • Camping and caravan ground managers
  • Fitness Centre managers
  • Food Technologists and chefs

If you need the services of a migration agent, then do contact

This list is not exhaustive, and the skills list should be referred to at the time you are looking for a job; there are skills assessment bodies in Australia that can certify that you have the correct skills (VETASSESS)

Your migration agent can advise you on the best way forward.

located at 3, 7 Howard St, Richmond, Victoria 3121, Australia

You can also get information from, which has a skills assessment facility in the UK.


Many kinds of roofing materials are available today, all of which need carpentry skills to install. Among the roofing materials available are cedar shakes, concealed seam steel, and asphalt metal roofs. The designing and measuring abilities required for these materials and an understanding of various cutting equipment and attaching processes are all essential.

Installer of floor coverings

A flooring person is in charge of repairing and leveling floors and installing laminates, hardwoods, and linoleum floors.


An industrial millwright works in power plants and companies on more industrial-type projects. They are in charge of equipment transportation, assembly, and disassembly.

Farm work in Western Australia