Ask Crystal today

BritshBalls brings back and asks Crystal to please send us some of your tragedies, problems or even just stories you want the world to know.

Send it all in for your entertainment and mine. Ask or Tell Crystal!

Dear Crystal: My neighbor’s dog keeps barking every time I use my back garden. It’s driving me crazy. The neighbor is friendly but doesn’t seem to hear or care about the dog’s constant barking. Any advice?

Crystal: Well personally if I was put into that situation I would consider maybe talking with the neighbor and if that is out of reason call animal services or get it tested for noise violation. rat poison does the trick, too.

Dear Crystal: My fiancee is pregnant. Now her sister is pregnant as I was sleeping with her also. Should I ditch both?

Crystal: Well, I wasn’t expecting this one in the new year. I would start by standing in front of a mirror and taking a long hard look at yourself and asking why or how you could be so desperate for this to even happen, like unless your fiancee’s sister is like goddess hot you really fucked up big time. If you don’t leave her shell, leave you maybe her sister will take you since she has already betrayed her sister. Or go for the Nick Cannon, have more kids to more women!

Brian: I’d argue new year, new you and age before beauty, so introduce yourself to her mother. One enough, two is a couple, but three is a crowd… abortion?

Hey Crystal, My girlfriend and I are both white. Our baby is black, I saw her with a mate without her top on 9 months ago. He is also white.

Crystal: Paternity test, maybe? or maybe just consider the fact if you saw her with one mate, u might have just not seen the others.

Dear Crystal: I am in love with my Gynecologist and I don’t know how to tell him. I think he likes me back but its hard to tell as I only see him while hes at work. I got a STI so i could see him again. Please advise am I going over board?

Crystal: Sheeeesh, ask him out when the Sti clears up?..

Ask Crystal

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