tennisTENNIS: We’ve tip-toed around the question for years, muttering excuses about bad weather, but it was only a matter of time before someone asked the glaringly obvious. Why the bojangles are Brits so shit at tennis?
Even worse is it’s taken a German to point out that there’s absolutely no reason why we Brits should be crap, with Wimbledon just down the road and a multi-million pound tennis centre in Roehampton.
“I don’t understand it,” said Boris Becker last week, after Britain’s humiliating Davis Cup defeat to Lithuania left them on the brink of being relegated to the bottom tier of world tennis. “With such a history of tennis, why you struggle so much as a nation, I don’t get it. There must be youngsters somewhere in the country who can play tennis.
“The big question is who is in charge of picking them and what are the coaches looking for? Something must be going really bad for it not to happen.”
We reckon it must be Ashley Cole’s fault. It’s always that bastard’s fault.