Why always me? I wonder why Mario...I don’t know how he does it, he must have one hell of a PR, but Mario Balotelli has once again been the main talking point of the weekend’s football for mixed reasons.

Balotelli scored the winner for Manchester City in their 3-2 victory over Spurs, but he allegedly shouldn’t have been on the pitch to score the winner as video replays show that he deliberately stamped on Spurs midfielder Scott Parker’s face. The referee, who was right in front of the incident, didn’t give Balotelli any warnings, although he was already on a yellow card (stupid ref!). Super Mario has been in the headlines for dozens of reasons since moving to Manchester, blowing up houses and throwing darts at youngsters is just two of the highlights of Mario’s reign of Manchester.

Spurs manager harry Redknapp was furious at Mario’s behaviour, and so too was Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness. Souness can hardly criticise the lad, look at his tash from his playing days! That was a crime against nature and could’ve taken out any opponent Graeme.

So Balotelli scoring the winner in a massive game would’ve sent Tottenham mad, and the man himself walked away the king of his castle who can do anything. I’m already anticipating the next Balotelli front page headline; Mario can’t put his bib on. Oh wait a second… that’s already happened! Balotelli, what will your PR’s think of next?

By Jason Barr

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