THERE was a single point separating Chelsea and Man Utd in the title race, going into the penultimate weekend. Exciting stuff eh?
Well no not really. Shock-horror. Chelsea and United battle for the championship. Again. Wup-de-fucking-do.
Yes the race for fourth place, and the chance to get knocked out at the group stage of the Champions League, is fairly exciting thanks to Liverpool’s implosion. But, really, if you’d been asked at the start of the season which teams would make up the top eight, are there any there now who you wouldn’t have chosen?
Predictable, boring bollocks.
But the most disappointing thing about this season, although Kop fans may disagree, is that the usually much-less predictable, much-more nailbiting relegation battle is already over.
We loved watching West Ham and Tevez cheat their way out of trouble a few years ago, Newcastle getting relegated was hilarious and Bradford beating Liverpool was fucking brilliant. Even Hodgson getting Fulham out of trouble, or Allardyce doing the same at Blackburn, had us scratching our heads like an Arsenal defender up against Messi.
The problem this year, of course, is the fact that as soon as Bolton decided to make Owen Coyle ‘an offer he couldn’t refuse’ (i.e. the chance to leave Burnley), there were only ever three teams in it.
But wait! It’s not all misery from EbenBBM Scrooge! For hope comes to us in the most unlikeliest of forms. And that form is Wolves striker Chris Iwelumo (bear with us on this one).
“We can all dream we can be up there, but I’m telling you now next season will be just as hard, if not harder,” waffled Iwelumo about Wolves chances next season.
“Look at the teams coming up – Newcastle and West Brom. They’ve been there, done it, have strength in depth and money behind them.”
Amazingly, the ugly bastard is right. Much as we love laughing at them, Newcastle and West Brom should come up next season in a stronger position than when they went down – and, more importantly, with better teams than the three going down. So with the top getting weaker, and the bottom getting stronger, we might actually be in for an exciting season of oddball results next year. Sing hosannahs!