If you were in Melbourne last year you would’ve seen the country go UFC crazy. Thousands of fans who wanted to watch UFC live in Melbourne were disappointed as the government refused to lift their ban on cagefighting in the city. Meanwhile, fans crashed ticket websites trying to get their hands on what would become the hottest ticket in town – UFC in Sydney, as they couldn’t watch UFC live in Melbourne.
However, while the 17,431 tickets were quickly snapped up by Australian fans wanting to watch UFC live, not everybody could make it to Acer Arena, leaving them to watch UFC live in Melbourne thanks to the aid of pubs across the city.
UFC president Dana White understands the demand from fans who want to watch UFC live in Melbourne, stating that the Australian fans are “loud and energetic and excited, but a very educated crowd here. That goes to show us where the market really is.”
“We also believe that when you bring a live event, the 20,000 people that were here tonight will leave and they’ll infect another 30 or 40 people (each) with what they saw. And it’s been proven in all the different places that we’ve gone, so that was our strategy here, too.”
Of course, the main obstacle in the quest to watch UFC live in Melbourne is the law. The Minister for Sport and Recreation, James Merlino, suggested recently that because UFC bouts takes place inside a chain linked fence they are in fact a form of cage fighting and thus illegal. “The Victorian Government believes the spectacle of two competitors fighting in caged combat-style competition does not meet the community’s standards of what is acceptable for professional combat sports in our state.”
So until smarter minds are put in place, the best place to watch UFC live in Melbourne is a local bar or club showing the events each month. It’s a shame, but Sydney’s only a couple of hours away on a plane right?
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Pubs and bars that you can watch UFC live in Melbourne:
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