steven_gerrard_hq_photoMY, my isn’t it exciting? The title race has gone down to the very last game of the season.
Heavens aren’t us football fans lucky. Well, seeing as even Man Utd boss Sir Alex Purpleface thinks it’s already over, we’re not holding our breath.
The title was pretty much handed to Chelsea at (or should that be ‘by’) Liverpool after the Blues’ 2-0 win at Anfield last weekend.
Much was made of ‘Liverpool pride’ at the prospect of not putting up much of a scrap against Chelsea, but as soon as Steven Gerrard’s woeful backpass let in Didier Drogba for the opener you could almost feel the anti-Scouse sentiment escaping from United’s loyal home fanbase in London and South East Asia.
“I just saw it after the game. It was a great gift,” said old Purplenose, although we’re not sure who he was talking to seeing as he seems to have fallen out with everyone in the media ever.
“There is nothing you can do about it. You just have to get on with it.”
Asked about United’s title chances he said: “You never know what can happen. Football is a crazy game.”
In other words, expect Chelsea to be celebrating by this time tomorrow.