UFC Diaz vs GSP - Diaz Gets a Rise Out of GSPNick Diaz has succeeded where many others have failed: he’s managed to make Georges St-Pierre angry. Diaz replaced St-Pierre in the main event against B.J. Penn at UFC 137 after the welterweight champ suffered an injury, and immediately after his victory, Diaz claimed

St-Pierre was faking. ‘I don’t think he’s hurt. I think he’s scared. Where you at Georges?’ According to UFC President Dana White this made St-Pierre flip out and demand to face Diaz in his next fight.

The last few fights of GSP’s career have seemed to be nothing more than televised sparring sessions for the UFC’s marketing friendly robot, so it’s good news that Diaz has got under St-Pierre’s skin so much, because it might force GSP to actually do something interesting; i.e.take a chance to finish his opponent.

We shouldn’t forget though that the original main event at UFC 137 was supposed to be St-Pierre vs Diaz, until Diaz decided not to show up to press conferences and snuck out of his trainer’s house to escape. So let’s not hold our breath that the fight will deliver, because Diaz is clearly weird and despite the passion he’s stirred in St-Pierre, GSP is still Canadian.

By Peter Simpson