With Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell set to play in Sydney and Perth, here are 5 of his funniest quotes!

1: “What a fucking August we’ve had! 20 FUCKING DEGREES. That’s great for tourism. “Come to Ireland, we’re room temperature!””

2: (talking about prosecco) “Fuck me, it’s like sunshine in a glass! It’s champagne if you can’t afford a house.”

3: (talking about gay marriage) “Gay marriage isn’t even the proper term, it’s called ‘People’s Marriage’. Thanks Stonewall, you’ve made gay marriage even more gay.”

4: (regarding right wing American’s dressed like cowboys) “See, where I’m from, if you see a man dressed as a cowboy, he WILL suck you off in the disabled toilet.”

5: (on ISIS) “They’re like all villains in history: great at PR; shit at HR.”

Andrew Maxwell Tour Dates

Sydney – Factory Theatre – Get Tickets

27th – 30th April – 7:30pm

Perth – Town Hall – Get Tickets

4th – 7th May – 8:15pm